Leadership and Management

 At the root, most of the world’s pressing health issues can be alleviated by improved management practices especially in relation to coverage, motivation and competence. However, in the field of global health, health workers may be promoted to supervisory positions due to their technical knowledge but with little training in leadership and management. This is especially seen in countries where decentralization has taken place and management responsibilities have been transferred in bulk. This results in work being done both ineffectively and inefficiently. It also results in workplaces that are full of confusion and dissatisfaction.

Still, technical knowledge and performance is a necessary component to the job of a manager in any health organization. Therefore, it is not possible for health organizations to hire workers who have knowledge only in leadership and management but not in public health. This makes the profile of a public health worker with both leadership and management skills as well as technical knowledge in high demand. This gap may be filled through enhancing leadership and management capacities among health workers in positions of leadership. This course by IAPH is designed to address these issues.

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Leadership and Management

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