Specialized in Public Health with over 13 fields of study.

The International Academy of Public Health (IAPH) is established as a beacon of knowledge and a centre of excellence that focuses on the continuous development and implementation of quality public health training for the public health workforce development and capacity-strengthening which leads to creating and promoting a competent pool of public health professionals.

The concept of public health capacity building has received significant attention over the last decade. National and international organizations are increasingly focusing their efforts on capacity building in order to improve health sector performance. The public health workforce development is crucial as they take into account the health of the whole population, rather than focusing on health at an individual level. This emphasizes the need of maintaining the quality, availability, and accessibility of public health education and professional training on a continuous basis.

Public health incorporates a range of fields dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals all over the globe. This mission is broad in scope, focusing on the prevention of illness, disease, and inequity. IAPH offers over thirteen disciplines of study, including Health Economics, Occupational Health, Antimicrobial Resistance, Health Research and Studies, Public Health Emergency Management, Biosafety in Public Health Laboratories, and others. This, in turn, will contribute to the strengthening of the health workforce and national health systems, ultimately resulting to an improvement in people's health.

Our programs are competency-based and field-oriented that linked directly to the workplace. Individualized, tailored assistance and mentorship are provided by IAPH's qualified mentors, who have undertaken extensive study and have real-world experience.