Face-to-face and blended training methodologies

IAPH’s learning management system (LMS) provides a versatile flexibility for the residents and the instructors, as it supports the face-to-face and blended training methodologies designed by IAPH.

blended training combines the best of two training environments—traditional face-to-face and online training.

While the face-to-face training offers an opportunity for role-playing with immediate face-to-face feedback, online learning offers personalized, self-paced learning components such as capacity-building, videos, and quizzes, all accessible from the resident’s home page in IAPH’s LMS—and accessible from the learner’s smartphone or tablet.

Blended learning allows instructors to quickly adopt the latest learning trends and modalities into the curriculum. Instructors can also obtain deeper, data driven insights into student progress and success. 

For residents, blended training also offers the unique opportunity to discuss and practice their new skills, so they are not just watching or hearing—they are doing. By applying the new earned knowledge shortly after they have left the physical or virtual venue, learners retain what they have learned which is a win-win for all.

The LMS also sends push notifications automatically to the residents regarding the upcoming events, forum posts and assignments. Residents can also track their progress, scores and notes, assignment submissions, chat, and engage with their co-residents, view all the details of the fields of study, programs, and courses as well as.