Hazardous Waste Management


This course addresses the background and current/future trends in toxic and hazardous waste management. Identifying, testing, and managing medical toxins, hazardous waste, manures, and other waste residuals. It includes topics such as waste minimization, hazardous waste treatment, residuals management, and emergency response.

Additionally, regulations concerning classification, transportation, treatment, and abandon sites will be covered. The course will cover field trips to municipal recycling center, infectious waste incinerator, and landfill operational site.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and interpret the criteria for the classification of a substance as a solid/ hazardous waste along with its history
  2. Identify waste minimization and source reduction along with audits
  3. Assess and describe the procedure for solid/sediment/hazardous waste identification and characterization along with the toxicological parameters of hazardous waste
  4. Identify and describe the protocols for emergency response and risk
  5. Elucidate and interpret the regulations concerning the handling, transportation, and disposal of hazardous, solid, and medical waste
  6. Define and elucidate the listing, management, and treatment of medical/infectious waste
  7. Define and discuss the municipal residual regulations
  8. Synthesize physical/chemical/biological mitigation techniques for the control of hazardous wastes and their sites
  9. Compare and contrast methods of ultimate disposal and sustainable resource recovery
  10. Address and describe solid waste management including landfill operation
  1. Hazardous Waste Management.
  2. Pathways, Fate and Deposition of Hazardous Waste.
  3. Integrated Solid Waste Management Principles and Municipal Residual Regulations.
  4. Transportation of Hazardous Waste.
  5. Treatment Methods and Processes of Hazardous Waste.
  6. Disposal of Hazardous Waste.
  7. Medical-Biomedical-Infectious Waste Management.
  8. Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response.
Duration: 30 Learning Hours
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Participant who complete the stand alone course will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion.

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Hazardous Waste Management
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