Applied Research in Noncommunicable Diseases


This course allows participants to learn and use various concepts in research methods in Non-Communicable Diseases. The course also contains in-class exercises that allow participants to match learnt concepts to their prospective research projects. It builds the capacity to correctly frame their samples, calculate the sample size and use suitable tools and techniques to collect the data.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define research variables
  2. Identify study population
  3. Utilize appropriate sampling techniques
  4. Identify and differentiate between random sampling error and bias
  5. Calculate sample size for different study designs
  6. Use various data collection technique and tools
  1. Materials and Methods, Study Designs.
  2. Study Design Selection, Study Area/Setting.
  3. Study Population and Sampling.
  4. Basics of Sample Size.
  5. Study Variables, and Data Collection Tools and Techniques.
  6. Data Analysis and Presentation.
  7. Potential Errors in Research and Critical Appraisal.
Duration: 30 Learning Hours
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Participant who complete the stand alone course will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion.

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Applied Research in Noncommunicable Diseases
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