Foundations in Public Health Research

This program is designed for public health staff working at various levels of the health system and will provide them with the basic principles of research methods as applies to public health. It is a step-by-step guide to both qualitative and quantitative research methods and elaborates on the research process from problem identification and hypothesis formulation to the development of a research proposal, emphasizing on systematic approaches to each step.

The program will help residents acquire knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for and implement various aspects of the public health research process through exposure to concepts, conduction of in-class group works, and/or laboratory practical sessions, and carrying out field projects and assignments as part of a structured mentorship program. In addition, the program will encourage critical thinking and writing skills that demonstrate the resident’s abilities to understand and evaluate related research.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognize the importance of research to public health
  2. Critically assess appropriateness of different research methods and techniques for the study of relevant health research issues
  3. Explain basic concepts in health research methodology
  4. Develop a proposal and plan for studying a public health problem to provide evidence for public health practice
  5. Use software and tools for appropriate data collection and management

Field Work

Residents spend seven weeks in the field work in order to be exposed to real-life situations and to practice the skills they gain with the guidance of a dedicated mentor. The following field projects are expected to be conducted during the field work period:

  1. Write a proposal for a common public health research question
  2. Critically assess public health research work

Targeted Group

Given the basic nature of this programs, they are designed for anyone actively involved in public health practice at different levels of the health system.

Duration: 3 Months
Courses: 5
Accredited By:


Residents who complete the three-month program requirements will be awarded Technical diploma issued by International Academy of Public Health (IAPH) and accredited by Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation (APHEA).

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