Water Quality Management


The course presents the basic concepts concerning policy, evaluation, and implementation of pertinent water quality management issues.

Topics of focus include: water quality standards and criteria; principles of water quality management; regulatory considerations; eutrophication; diffuse pollution and global aspects of sustainable water quality control strategies, treatment plans management, solid/liquid by-products.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Delineate the significance of terms and parameters pertinent to water quality management.
  2. Address current local water quality and quantity issues.
  3. Evaluate the significance of pertinent water quality legislation.
  4. Apply water quality criteria requirements based on use including: municipal; industrial; recreational; aquatic life; and, agricultural.
  5. Explain the main management criteria in water treatment plans and ensure best quality
  6. Interpret the basic concepts of water quality management
  1. Water Quality and Standards.
  2. Water Treatment - Part 1.
  3. Water Treatment - Part 2.
  4. Water Treatment - Part 3.
  5. Microbiological Quality Control.
  6. Water Treatment-3 Residuals, Plan Design vs Quality, Effectiveness.
  7. Community-Based Water Resource Management (CBWRM) During Emergency.
  8. Water Quality Assessments in Emergency Settings.
Duration: 30 Learning Hours
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Participant who complete the stand alone course will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion.

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Water Quality Management
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