Evidence-based approach for communicable diseases control

It is important for countries to have disease control programs and/or projects in place and invest in developing managerial and leadership capacity. The disease control managers, coordinators, and scientists working at a program/project level should be equipped with knowledge and skills, which enable them to generate and use evidence. This necessitates having skills in evidence-based public health, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, research, and publications. Such capacity will also enable them to plan, monitor, and evaluate the progress towards control, elimination, or eradication. In this program the residents will be asked to develop research questions, state a research problem, and conduct research. Also, they will be asked to conduct thorough literature review and write research proposal along with a research report. Furthermore, they are expected to publish their research findings and present them in scientific conferences.

The overall objective of this module is to provide participants with skills to conduct research in clinical and epidemiological settings, use published data, and lead and manage a communicable disease control project/program.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Effectively lead/manage a communicable disease control project/program
  2. Critically analyze evidence generated by research
  3. Conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis
  4. Conduct research, write and present research findings in the field of communicable diseases
  5. Publish research findings in peer-reviewed journals and present them (poster/oral) in a scientific conference

Field Work

Participants will spend seven weeks in the field to be exposed to real-life situations and practice the skills they gain with the guidance of a dedicated mentor. The following field projects are expected to be conducted during the field work period:

  1. Test his/her research tools
  2. Organize field work for data collection
  3. Systematically collect data from the field

Targeted Group

This program is targeting public health professionals working for ministries of health, non-governmental organizations, and universities. It is an advanced step for those who are looking for a career in communicable diseases control. It is useful for those who are currently managing or advising for disease control programs/projects or is a candidate for work in this field. It is also valuable for those who want to develop a career in research and publication.

Duration: 3 Months
Courses: 3
Accredited By:


Residents who complete the three-month program requirements will be awarded Technical diploma issued by International Academy of Public Health (IAPH) and accredited by Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation (APHEA).

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