Communicable Diseases

Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan

Chairperson for the Specialty Committee of Communicable Diseases

Dr. Mumtaz Khan is currently the Senior Scientific Officer, Field Epidemiologist in Center for Disease Control (CDC), NIH Islamabad, Pakistan.

Dr. Khan is a medical doctor holding an MPH as well as an MS in Community Health and Nutrition, Public Health, and Field Epidemiology.

Dr. Khan has a number of postgraduate certificates in the field of public health, including a PG. Cert. Field Epidemiology (CDC USA), PG-Cert in Viral Influenza (China), PG-Cert in Viral Hepatitis (JICA Japan), PG-Cert in CoV (INTROM Malaysia), PG-Cert in Global Outbreak Response (GOARN Philippine), PG-Cert in Outbreak Response (WHO Lebanon), PG-Cert in PH Emergency Management (WHO Jordan) and PG-Cert in Polio (WHO Jordan)

Dr. Khan have almost 20 years working experience, initially in the field of clinical Pediatrics and then in Public Health/Field Epidemiology/communicable diseases. For last 10 years, Dr. Khan is working as Field Epidemiologist at Center for Disease Control (CDC), NIH Islamabad, Pakistan.

Specialty Committees Members

Dr. Fatih Malik

Dr. Fatih Malik

Dr. Elfatih Mohamed Malik (Associate Professor) is a fellow at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, Sudan. He is a medical doctor (MBBS, MD, FPH-UK) and specialist in public health with a particular interest in research methods and the control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Since graduation in 1991, Elfatih Malik has been involved in public health at the Federal Ministry of Health and State Ministry of Health in Khartoum, Sinnar, and Gezira States. He has the chance to work at many projects and programmes including primary health care, preventive medicine, health insurance, and planning and international health. He was the Minister of Health, Gezira State for 5 years.

He is recognized as a disease control specialist and as a malariologist. He worked with WHO Office in Khartoum as a malaria coordinator for a short time and he was a member of the “WHO Malaria Policy Advisory Committee” for 3 years and he is currently a “Member of The Global Fund Technical review Panel” as a malaria specialist. He acted as a Technical Advisor for the Sudan Field Epidemiology Training Programme- Sudan FETP for 3 years ended in 2020. He has been contracted by WHO to carry out Sudan Malaria Indicator Survey (2016), Sudan Malaria Progarmme Review (2017), Sudan Malaria Strategic Plan (2017, 2020), Somalia Malaria Programme Review 2019-2020).

Elfatih Malik is being involved in teaching and training at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and he was appointed as a rapporteur and as Head of the Community Medicine Council at the Sudan Medical specialization Board. He developed the interest in supporting junior medical and health personnel to consider research as a carrier not just a project for graduation. In this regard, he is availing himself to assist undergraduate and postgraduate students to write a sound research proposal, collecting data, and to get their findings published.

As a Coordinator of the Sudan Malaria Control programme (2001-2007), Elfatih Malik and his team established a system for conducting operational research. Many of them get published in peered reviewed journals. Up-to-date, Elfatih Malik has over 70 publications with a considerable citation index. He is a reviewer for many journals (

Furthermore, he is a Co-founder of the Sudanese Public Health Journal and is a founder of the Health and Development Journal (Arabic). I am the Principal investigator for the joint project with LSTM called CEASE project. during the period March -Dec 2021 Elfatih Malik was selected by GHD/EMPHNET to act as a consultant for event-based surveillance (EBS) in Sudan.

Dr. Mubarak Elkarsany

Dr. Mubarak Elkarsany

Dr.Mubarak Elsaeed Mustafa Elkarsany M.D is an Associate professor of clinical microbiology –University of Karary-Sudan .

He has been appointed as university lecturer since 1996 after obtaining his clinical M.D in pathology and clinical microbiology and have pursued the career of public health laboratory work with special interest in virology and arboviral research in viral hemorrhagic fevers related to Sudan and the African region.

He have done several researches with published articles in field epidemiology and surveillance activities related to dengue fever/dengue hemorrhagic fever ,Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever ,Yellow fever and Rift Valley fever.

He was the first scientist to document the existence of CCHF in Sudan and have collaborated with Naval American Medical research unit3v to develop national guidelines and lab based surveillance for epidemic prone diseases.

In 2015 he was awarded by CDC-USA The International Conference On Emerging Diseases Award As World Health leader . He have collaborated with the WHO –EMRO and AFRO regional office in various par time missions as temporary consultant and with Sudan Public Health Institute as facilitator for FETP training programs.

Dr. Seif Al-Abri

Dr. Seif Al-Abri

Dr Seif Salem Al-Abri studied medicine at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman and qualified in 1993. He has done his training in Infectious diseases in Liverpool in the UK.

Dr Al-Abri is a practicing consultant in Infectious Diseases at the Royal Hospital, and he was appointed in 2014 as the Director General for Disease Surveillance and Control at the Ministry of Health of Oman. He is the National Focal Point of IHR for Oman and is currently leading the national technical team for COVID 19 response. He is also a member of the IHR Review Committee that was convened by the WHO Director General, a member of the Universal Health Preparedness Review Committee, and a member of the Ministerial Technical Working Group for COVID-19 in WHO EMRO.

Dr Al-Abri has an interest in medical education and he is an international advisor for the Royal College of Physicians of London and the Lead Examiner for the MRCP (UK) Examination in Oman from 2011 until 2015, and he was the chairman of the Governing Council of Oman Medical College from 2015 until 2018 and is currently a member of the governing council of the National University of Science and Technology. In addition, he is an associate editor of several medical journals.

Prof. Imen Jaouadi

Prof. Imen Jaouadi

Mrs. Imen Jaouadi holds a PhD in Health Economics from the Economic Science and Management University of Tunis in 2010. She is a full time assistant-professor at High School of Business of Manouba University (Tunisia). She taught economics since 2001.

She was a staff in the WHO’s Office of Tunisia for 3 years as a National Program Officer (2009 – 2012) and continue working with WHO as a consultant to support MoH activities since 2012.

Dr Imen Jaouadi participated in the societal dialogue lead by the (WHO-MoH) for the health system reform, as manager, trainer, co-author of reports and the white book.

She was the director of the CeFIR (International Training and Research Centre) of the ONFP (National Board of Family and Population) for the period 2015-2016.

She worked on the health system financing, socio-determinant of health, health inequalities and access to the health system and other topics related to the health system strengthen.