IAPH is now a member of ASPHER

April 18, 2022

IAPH was recognized as a member of ASPHER, where ASPHER is an independent non-for-profit agency established in 1966, representing schools of public health and other public health postgraduate education and programs. These schools and other programs prepare students for careers in service or academic public health, including through acquisition of academic degrees in public health at all levels (Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate levels).

ASPHER has direct roles, not only in promoting the interests of its members, but also in the widest possible implementation of the Bologna Declaration as it applies to academic education and research in the European Region, promoting equity, not only in the context of health standards, but also in that of education and recognition of qualifications and accreditation.

ASPHER’s role therefore includes the promotion of high-quality educational environments and of the highest standards of public health practice; however, ASPHER also has a further role which includes full participation in the wider public health movement, with direct concern for both quality of health and equity in health, in each country, across Europe and globally.

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