IAPH Cements Partnership with Hadramout University by Offering Two Online Instructor Led Courses for University PHD Students

December 24, 2023

In line with its ongoing aims to attain excellence in public health education, public health workforce capacity building, and innovation at both the regional and global spheres, the International Academy of Public Health (IAPH) continues to look for ways to expand its network of partners, as it recognizes the significance of partnerships in fostering the exchange of knowledge and experience.

These partnerships have led to effective curricula development, as well as active participation in training, and mentoring over the years. In a recent endeavor to expand its network of partners further, IAPH collaborated with the Hadramout University in Yemen. This new partnership yielded the development of two courses, set to be launched on December 25, 2023.

The two courses titled Biostatistics and Research Methods respectively, are designed to target Hadramout University students pursuing  their PHD. Aimed to practically cater to students’ professional and academic needs, they are offered online.

The course on Biostatistics provides students with the necessary skills they need to perform a statistical analysis of data. Enrolled students will learn the appropriate statistical techniques used for estimation and inference, as well as the use of a statistics package, such as SPSS, to analyze data.

Alternatively, the Research Methodology Course takes a practical skills-based approach to research. It deals with the challenges facing new and inexperienced authors in a chronological fashion. Thus, it takes students through the process of conducting research, writing research articles, and getting them published in reputable journals.

IAPH works with a pool of highly professional trainers who are both content and teaching experts. The trainers, It and its partners work with, bring a wealth of regional and international experience from over 12 countries in the EMR, Europe, and the United States. Their expertise ranges from academia, governmental and non-governmental organizations, to their respective fields. In this particular case, the above -mentioned courses will be led by two instructors. The instructors will adopt a teaching methodology that combines on-line self-paced sessions, and live sessions.

The offering of these two courses is a step forward in the partnership between IAPH and Hadramout University, serving as a prelude to many fruitful outcomes in the future. With each partnership IAPH makes, it is doing its part to advance health education in the EMR, and more specifically to enhance the skills and capacities of the region’s public health workforce.

IAPH’s network of partners includes ministries of health, public health institutes, academic institutes, as well as national and international organizations.

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