Scientific Writing


This course is designed to review the steps involved in, peer reviewing, and revising manuscripts for publication. The course participants will refine and demonstrate writing, reading, editing, and reviewing skills through exercises and class discussions.

This course aims to teach the fundamentals of effective scientific writing. Instruction will focus primarily on the process of writing and publishing scientific manuscripts only. The course will be presented in two segments: part (1) teaches participants how to write effectively, concisely, and clearly and part (2) takes them through the preparation of an actual scientific manuscript.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Write a scientific manuscript effectively, concisely, and clearly
  2. Identify the publications best suited for their work
  3. Have greater insight into the needs of readers and reviewers
  4. Comprehend the purpose of each section in a research paper
  5. Have a wider repertoire of practical strategies to improve their own research writing
  6. Make strategic choices about how, where and when to publish their research
  1. Research Process and Argument Matrix
  2. Writing Title Page, Abstract, and Introduction
  3. Writing the Research Methods
  4. Writing the Research Results
  5. Writing Discussion, Conclusion and References
  6. Good Manuscript Writing


This course is for : EMPHNET
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Duration: 30 Learning Hours
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Participant who complete the stand alone course will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion.