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Frequently Asked Questions

IAPH provides the highest standards of universally accredited training in public health education. The academy is accredited by Accreditation Service for schools, colleges, universities, and online learning providers. (ASIC)

a- IAPH is established to principally build and strengthen health workforce capacity and promote public health as a fundamental disciplinary area in health arena.

b- As an educational institution, IAPH values practice-based professional model of education and training, emphasizes multidisciplinary and multi-professional scope, and capitalizes on diverse expertise and technology enhanced learning.

a- Public health workforce

b- Public health professionals who are working in organizations, institutes, universities and private sector

c- Medical councils & University students/graduates who are interested in building their career in public health

d- Or any related field

Yes, IAPH provides a flexible training program

a. IAPH has 13 fields of study and 32 programs

b. Fields of study include:

1- Public Health Emergency Management programs (three Programs)

2- Leadership & Management program (one program)

3- Health Research and Studies Programs (three Programs)

4- Lab & Biosafety programs (three Programs)

5- Health Economics program (one program)

6- Noncommunicable Diseases programs (two Programs)

7- Communicable Diseases programs (three Programs)

8- Women and Child Health programs (three Programs)

9- Public Health Programs (three Programs)

10- Anti-Microbial Resistance programs (three Programs)

11- Environmental Health programs (three Programs)

12- Occupational Health program (one program)

13- Global Health programs (three Programs)

A university degree is required for enrollment in the programs, but it is not required for enrollment in the short courses.

Yes, programs are accredited by the Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation (APHEA)

IAPH provides some of its courses for free. Please check our website regularly

Post Graduate Certificate (PGCert) – a total of 12 weeks duration, divided into five weeks of in-class training coupled with seven weeks of field work under expert supervision.

Diploma Programs –a total of 9 months for this program. IAPH adopts a flexible model that suits all.

* Trainings can also be customized for different lengths to fit the needs of a variety of organizations, for more details please contact us

Credit transfer can be considered based on your school policy and alignment with our programs’ competencies

IAPH programs are equivalent to 100 to 120 CPD points

Usually, interviews are not required. However, in some cases, the specialty committee may request to interview some applicants

No exams are required. However, some programs may require certificate of language proficiency

1- Post Graduate Certificate (PGCert)

2- Diploma Programs

a. Employing agencies.

b. Private payment.