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Strategic Planning and Leadership


It’s been said that public health leaders should think globally but act locally. By being role models for the community, public health leaders can strengthen health at all levels. Indeed, planning a new health program is an important undertaking that can have a significant impact on the health of the population. By basing planning decisions on data analysis, review of scientific literature, and consultation with stakeholders, health program managers can design and implement programs that make a difference. In this course, participants learn to develop, articulate, and implement a strategic plan that leads the organization toward accomplishing its vision and mission. Participants will be required to come into this workshop with case studies that highlight problems they have identified in their work. During this course, participants will analyze these examples in-depth and begin to propose interventions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Define and prioritize health problems and interventions
  2. Set short-term organizational goals and performance objectives based on appropriate source information
  3. Anticipate and reduce risks
  4. Search for new ways to position the organization for success
  5. Demonstrate understanding of one’s self and impact on others

Course Outline

  1. Teambuilding
  2. Introduction to Leadership
  3. Stakeholder Analysis
  4. Health Program Planning (Priority-Setting)
  5. Value-Based Decision-Making
  6. Public Health Advocacy
  7. Manage Your Time, Manage Your Stress
  8. Track-specific session

Training delivery methods

  1. In-class method
  2. Online method
  • Duration: 30 Learning Hours

Accredited By


Participant who complete the stand alone course will be awarded a Certificate of Course Completion.