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Welcome to The Successful Hypnotherapy Training Course

"Change lives forever and enjoy a high level, sustainable income as a professional hypnotherapist and Pure Hypnoanalyst!"

The International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts (IAPH) has been training and supporting some of the world's most successful hypnotherapists and hypnoanalysts since 1981.

It is now offering a unique opportunity for motivated and passionate professionals to benefit from its highly successful Diploma Course and to establish their own, fully supported practices.  

The IAPH provides a comprehensive training and support infrastructure for its Members, enabling people from all professions and walks of life to gain the qualifications required to start practising quickly and successfully.

Earning potential is limitless, with many therapists now focusing entirely on their successful practices and others working on a part-time basis to supplement their household income.  

If you genuinely care about making a real and long-lasting difference to people’s lives and are seeking to maximise your earning potential, whilst enjoying the full support of a leading organisation in this field, then contact us today on +44 07971006747 or E-mail

The unique "Successful Hypnotherapy" hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Pure Hypnoanalysis training course is the only certified and accredited course of its type in the world!

The Successful Hypnotherapy course has recently been completely revised and updated!

We have just finished (September 2009) completely revising and updating the course in order to bring it up to date and make it more user-friendly! Although much of the course is still in its highly successful original form, we have made a number of significant changes to the content and layout.

In order to help you learn more efficiently, at the end of each module we have included a summary of the key points for that module. This allows you to review and revise each module in a straightforward and compact way.

We have also included two ENTIRELY NEW and exciting modules as well as information on our recently conducted research project. These are discussed in detail in the sections below.

To make the course information as easy to access as possible, EVERYTHING you need to know about the course is contained on this page - please take the time to read the whole page.

Here are some quick-links to various sections on this page:

Course Introduction
What will you gain from this training course?
What do the course materials consist of?
What subjects are covered in the course modules?
What is different about this course, as opposed to any other?
The IAPH Research Project
Frequently asked questions about our training course
Course Fees

Watch the IAPH Introduction Video

Be sure to see the IAPH Introduction Video... in it Rob Kelly FIAPH, who is Training Course Director for the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts, talks about our unique and specialised form of analytical hypnotherapy called Pure Hypnoanalysis.

In the video, he explains about the therapy itself and talks in depth about what it really means to be undergoing hypnotherapy training with the IAPH (both the theory and the ‘hands-on’ practical side). He also describes in detail about the amazing support structure within the IAPH (considered to be ‘second to none’) and the wonderful supportive ‘family’ feel of the association itself.

Also included are real-life testimonials from practicing therapists, who describe exactly what it’s like to be a part of an organisation that teaches and practices hypnosis and hypnotherapy to world class standards.

Training Course - Introduction

The Successful Hypnotherapy Training Course has been producing professional hypnotherapists since 1981 and we have now trained over 7000 hypnotherapists and hypnoanalysts worldwide.

Apart from the inspiring and empowering content of the training course, which covers all types of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and our very own 'Pure Hypnoanalysis' in great depth, the easy way in which the course is put-together is also inspired.

Every single student undertakes our home-study course, which they then supplement by attending our 'hands-on' training seminars and workshops. How much 'hands-on' training you need depends entirely on your previous experience: many hypnotherapy students come from a therapy, psychology, mental health, medical, sales or similar background and hence bring with them skills and insights very useful to a hypnotherapy career. (Non-UK residents can obtain their hands-on training in their own country, or with our DVD home-study seminars.)

Dr. Anna Forbes MBBS, BMedSci, DHP, MIAPH writes...

Making that initial decision to undertake the IAPH diploma course was a significant milestone in my life. Not only thoroughly equipping students for a career in private practice, the course is a total eye-opener into the workings of the human mind and its complex development, to include social and intrinsic influences.

I honestly felt I had been given the key to understanding humanity! And amazingly that wasn't even the most impressive part of my journey to date with the IAPH! On qualifying, I was then given access to the online members' forum, which, not only contains a wealth of information & experience to learn from, but is also so actively utilised by countless experienced members that any concerns the newly qualified therapist might have are answered almost instantly- and to a very high standard.

The regular diverse weekend seminars are packed with information & insight and are invariably illuminating & enlightening! The level of support & genuine care I have received from the IAPH in setting up my business & practising this new art has been second-to-none, I couldn't ask for any more. Even to those that wouldn't consider practising as therapists I would strongly recommend taking this course as the rewards are endless."

Dr. Anna Forbes

The course is very simple and easy to study, with a progressive build-up of information and insight, backed up with our amazing support structure: we have regional meetings, phone support lines and our superb online support group, where you can have immediate contact with other students on this course - no other training course offers this level of support.

In fact, you will not only be fully supported all through your training but also through your professional career as a hypnotherapist.

On successful completion of the home-study course (coupled with a program of hands-on training designed to meet your specific needs) you will be awarded the Diploma in Hypnotherapy and 'Pure' Hypnoanalysis. This Professional Diploma is the main entrance criteria for membership of the IAPH and it will also gain you membership of almost all the other hypnotherapy organisations the world over.

Everything you could possibly want to know about this course can be found on this page... sometimes there are 'click here for more info' type links which will give you more detail about the paragraph you have just read. Once read, click your back arrow to return to this training course homepage. I am certain you will agree, after reading these training pages, that this course is totally unique and the very best on offer.

How much hands-on training do you want/need?
Give Rob Kelly, the Course Director, a ring now on 07971006747 or email him at rob@thriveprogramme.org to discuss your particular needs and requirements.


Sue Peckham hypnotherapist writes...

I developed an interest in hypnotherapy after working for several years in education and wanted a course that would give me a thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject.

After looking into many of the courses available I'm so pleased that I chose to study with the IAPH. The course itself was fascinating and I was able to study at my own pace which ensured I was able to fit it in around work and family commitments without feeling pressured.

After completing the course and receiving my diploma I felt confident to go into practice part-time and within 2 years was able to give up my job and practise hypnotherapy full-time.

The support I have received from Rob and colleagues within the organisation has been amazing and there is always someone on hand to give advice whenever I need it.

The decision to enrol on the IAPH course was the best decision I've ever made and has enabled me to fulfil a life-time ambition to work both here and abroad doing a job I absolutely love.

Sue Peckham


Chris Gill, hypnotherapist in practice since 1992 writes...

Back in 1992, I had spent a lot of time researching the different hypnosis and hypnotherapy courses that were available. I am glad I choose the IAPH diploma course because it is concise, to the point, complete and sets the standards by which others try to follow. It gave me a good grounding in all aspects of hypnosis both practical and theoretical. This gave me tremendous confidence when I first started practicing as a full time hypnotherapist. Since then I have seen thousands of people with all kinds of problems and continue to practice as a full-time therapist; it is all thanks to the IAPH diploma course

Chris Gill
Hope Valley Hypnotherapy Centre


Read about some therapists who have trained with the IAPH

We've asked some of our therapists to tell you a little bit about themselves, their background before they trained with the IAPH and their experience of the IAPH and its training.


What will you gain from this unique training course in hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

  • A unique training program that isn't expensive, will train you for private practice and is recognised the world over by many different hypnotherapy organisations.
  • A comprehensive understanding of people and what makes you, and them, 'tick' - you will be able to assess a persons 'personality type' within a few minutes of meeting them (this is very important if you are trying to decide how to help them most effectively - an example of this would be ... a person consults you with thoughts/compulsions to vomit - you need to know whether they are 'obsessing' or being 'compulsive', because it makes a difference to how you will treat them).
  • An insight into 'human nature' that isn't available elsewhere; you will learn what GENUINELY motivates and drives people - REAL cases will be discussed and examined. This is about what REALLY goes on in a person's subconscious mind - and isn't about our 'interpretation', it is about genuine motivation.
  • Expert knowledge of hypnosis - what it is; how to use it; how to hypnotise safely. The different depths of hypnosis will be discussed and how we achieve these different states. Does a person need to be deeply hypnotised to act upon a suggestion? How can we tell how 'deep' a person is in the hypnotic state? What type of induction suits which type of person?...
  • Advice for setting up your own practice: advertising, premises, website, support, the law, ethics of private practice, how to get clients, subsidised practice insurance. All the help you need in order to establish your own private practice in hypnotherapy.
  • Details of how to use understand and practise 'Pure' Hypnoanalysis - the most effective and liberating therapy in the world today! This amazing therapy has to be seen to be believed!
  • A clear understanding and appreciation of anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, eating problems and other symptoms - what REALLY causes them and why? Why do some people get angry and some get even? Why do some people put on loads of weight, whilst others become anorexic? How come most women who stop smoking (by willpower) put on weight? How is it that a brother and a sister can have a very similar upbringing, yet one is happy, positive and healthy, while the other is perpetually sick and depressed?

Debbie Lowery from Co Galway, Ireland writes...

I have just completed the 2 day Pure Hypno Analysis course in Coventry, with the IAPH and I have to say it was a course with a difference!  Rob’s lecturing style was very refreshing and there was a supportive, learning environment for all attending.

That short 2 day course has completely changed my mind as to what is required from a hypnotherapist to effectively help people once and for all with seemingly complex, long term unresolved issues.  I have always thought that, for most people, suggestion therapy was quite limited and lacked long term benefits; and now it just no longer seems enough after what I have learned from Rob and the other IAPH members attending.  I was so impressed that I have now decided to sign up for the full IAPH course, as I have realised there is so much more to learn and I want to take full advantage of Rob’s seemingly boundless knowledge on the subject of pure hypno analysis!

Debbie Lowery
View web site


What's in the actual course notes and lectures?

The written element of the course is contained in twelve key modules (detailed below). The modules are written in 'plain English' and are very easy to read and assimilate.

Psychology, NLP, psychoanalysis, suggestion therapy, clinical hypnosis, Eriksonian hypnosis, direct and indirect suggestion, metaphor, personality profiling, counselling, persuasion, applied psychology and tried and tested psycho-therapeutic techniques are all taught along the way. This learning is contained within:

  • 20 Audio lectures, on pre-printed CDs. (for details of each lecture, see 'course modules' below. The Audio Lectures supplement the written course modules and help bring insight and understanding into the therapeutic process. The Audio Lectures are contained in two 'presentation' CD boxes
  • 9 hours of training video, supplied on 4 DVDs (The DVDs are 'multi-region', and will play on any DVD player, or PC/MAC with DVD drive). The video was shot at a recent IAPH Advanced Training Course: 'Easy Smoking Cessation' The course includes two genuine anti-smoking sessions, with REAL clients!

"95% of what a practicing hypnotherapist and
hypnoanalyst needs to know in order to be able to

practice safely and effectively,
he can learn inexpensively, at home..."

Tracy Fenton, a recent student writes...

Having recently completed and passed the Successful Hypnotherapy course I really felt the need to say how fantastic I thought the course was. There is no denying that the course was challenging, not in just in an academic way but in a way that really made me think about who I am as a person and how I have become the person I am today. The course also challenged my beliefs about the characteristics of other people, how we can be shaped and changed by past events and how past events that may seem insignificant can influence our thought processes and actions in our everyday lives.

I found the subject of hypnotherapy, its history and how it is used today, in the Successful Hypnotherapy course, completely fascinating; it was extremely well written and used language that I feel everyone could understand and relate to.

The course was not just challenging and fascinating but also written in a way that was not only factual but humorous, entertaining and engaging as well. The cds and dvds supplied with the course were excellent and I found them really helpful, not only to gain experience from listening and watching other people as hypnotherapists, but also to use some of the cds to relax with and completely unwind at the end of the day. The support online on the student's forum was invaluable and I found Rob Kelly to be really helpful in answering any queries, quell any doubts I had and generally encourage me throughout the duration of the course. I have learnt an incredible amount from this course and I now feel very confident in my abilities as a hypnotherapist and I am looking forward to opening my own practise this summer.

I would recommend this course for anyone hoping to become a hypnotherapist, and I feel sure that everyone who does do it will find it as interesting and beneficial as I have.

Tracey Fenton

What subjects are covered in the course modules?

Module 1 : The Practitioner

  • The Therapist and The Law
  • The pros and cons of home practice or consulting room
  • The Therapist's Duty of Care to his clients
  • Insurance, Rating and Planning Laws
  • How and where to advertise, advertising controls/standards
  • The History of Hypnosis from Mesmer to the present day
  • The Therapist's potential motives for seeking to be a Therapist are conjectured and explored

Module 2 : Character Types and Their Symptoms

  • Describes in depth three main "Character Types" (into one of which all human beings can be classified) and explains which type of character is prone to what symptoms - and what those symptoms are: e.g. what sort of person is pre-disposed to smoking, over-eating and nail-biting? Why do some people brood and worry over things, so much so that they create illness? How come some people remain calm at the scene of an accident, while others become 'hysterical'?
  • Compulsions, obsessions, hypochondria, anxiety, phobias and other symptoms are discussed and explained. How are they formed? Where do they come from? What purpose do they serve? (includes a list of over 300 phobias).
  • The doctrine of CAUSE AND EFFECT and the creation of psycho-somatic symptoms is introduced. Why does the subconscious mind create symptoms? How does 'it' do it? How can we get rid of these symptoms?
  • Anxiety generally and the anxiety state in particular, is expounded. What is a 'panic attack'? Why does it feel so bad? How does 'it' know when to happen?

Accompanying audio lectures: Lecture 2 - Explanation and demonstration of Hypnosis.

    Heather Davidson writes...

    Having trained as a psychotherapist and become disillusioned with the methods that I'd learnt, I was very excited to find Rob Kelly's Pure Hypnoanalysis course. The twelve weeks of training analysis (the personal therapy I went through) achieved more positive change in my life than the twelve YEARS of weekly psychotherapy I had completed previously. The training course has a down-to-earth approach that I find refreshing - there's no esoteric mumbo-jumbo here - use the techniques correctly and the therapy will work – brilliantly! The training weekends are superb - informative, interesting and a great opportunity to have some fun with the community of experienced hypnotherapists and fellow students in the IAPH. The organisation has been incredibly supportive throughout and I'm very much looking forward to an exciting new career.
    Heather Davidson

Module 3 : Character Formation

  • Early development and the making of our characters and predispositions is explained in detail. The most important years of our lives - from age one day to ten years. How we emotionally, psychologically and physically develop into adults is explained. Why do some children take longer to develop than others?
  • What happens when children feel very emotional and can't deal with the feelings?

Accompanying audio lectures: Lecture 3, Part 1 - Talk discussing self-confidence, self-belief and promoting a positive mental attitude. Part 2 - A relaxing hypnotherapy session with suggestions for confidence, self-improvement, concentration and a general ego-boost; both by Bob McGrath.

Module 4 : Anxiety and Sexuality

  • A link between sexuality and many anxieties states is explained.
  • The case for Analytical Therapy (remove the cause of the problem) as opposed to the use of pure Post-Hypnotic Suggestion (control of symptom) is expounded.
  • The Oedipus Complex (a child's emotional attachment to a parent or caregiver) is explained in an understandable and matter of fact way.
  • Our sexual formation and predispositions are discussed in a frank and natural manner.

Accompanying audio lectures: Lecture 4 - Slimming Therapy/Anti-Smoking Therapy, by Neil French. Lecture 5 - Pre-test nerves/nail-biting cessation, by David Landau - one of the first people to pass this course and one of the most respected hypnotherapists in the world.

Module 5 : The Effects of Suggestion

  • Not just Hypnotic or Post-Hypnotic Suggestion but our overall responsiveness to suggestion is elaborated.
  • Coue's Law of Reversed Effort and Bernheim's Rules Governing Suggestion are clarified and Chevreul's Pendulum explained.

Accompanying audio lectures: Lecture 6, Part 1 - Talk re-capping the lecture notes to date. Part 2 - A complex 'anti-smoking', 'slimming', 'anti-nail-biting' and general 'self-improvement' tape all rolled into one, demonstrating how aversion can be produced by post-hypnotic suggestion - also utilises the power of subliminal perception material; both by Neil French.

Module 6 : Meeting the Client

  • Word for word account of what to ask, what to say and how to greet and reassure a client.
  • What the client wants and expects - what the Therapist aims to do. The likely outcomes of Therapy.
  • NLP Techniques discussed.

Accompanying audio lectures: Lecture 7, Part 1 - Relaxing piano music, which has post-hypnotic suggestions for calmness and confidence "concealed behind" the music in the form of subliminal perception material (the Therapist's voice taken up the frequency range working in a similar way to a dog whistle; your subconscious hears the message - your intellect doesn't). Part 2 - Talk by Auriol Hiscock (ex-course tutor and one of the first Fellows of the IAPH) including Demonstration Hypnotic Induction.

Cara Ostryn BSc writes....

Prior to studying the diploma course with Successful Hypnotherapy, I was a practising therapist who had been on a variety of different courses over the years, picking up snippets of information along the way. Because of this, I had a 'toolbag' of semi-successful techniques and would often be confused as to which ones to use. Now that I just use the one, very simple and effective technique of pure hypnoanalysis, my success rates are considerably higher and I am REALLY helping people to make significant changes in their lives.

The course itself is written in an engaging and easy to digest style and, working full-time already, It was great to have been able to study at home, in my own time. Now I am an IAPH Member, the constant support and advice from fellow IAPH therapists makes this truly remarkable therapy easy to practise.

View Cara's web site


Module 7 : Pure Hypnoanalysis

  • Step by step, session by session, using a real case as illustration - what to do, how to do it, what to expect, when to expect it.
  • Special mention is made of migraines and also of children and their responsiveness.
  • Clearly shows that Pure Hypnoanalysis need not be a protracted affair but can be accomplished in just six sessions of Therapy and the results can be astonishing

Accompanying audio recording: Recording 8 - Copyright-free relaxing background music for your consulting room. This music is recorded by IAPH Member, James Homes.

Module 8 : Transference and Resistance

  • The amazing phenomena of "Transference" is discussed in depth.
  • More mention is made of symptoms which can now be further categorised as "Direct" or "Indirect".
  • The Client's own unconscious "resistance" to the Therapy is explained.
  • Narcissism is described; homosexuality is discussed; fetishes are explained.
  • The relationship between Client and Therapist is expounded.

Module 9 : An introduction to Hypnosis

  • Includes "Waking Hypnosis" and the differing states within Hypnosis.
  • Also symbolism, parapsychology and meta-psychology (including "past life" regression), auto-writing techniques and the ideo-motor response.

Accompanying audio lectures: Lecture 9 - Re-cap of the course so far. Lecture 10 - Now the student has a basic theory at his fingertips, more detailed instructions are given; both lectures by Neil French.

Module 10 : Hypnosis Explained

  • Now the student realises that ALL the other lessons had been about Hypnosis too!!
  • Methods of Induction are explained and thirty three observable (or detectable) signs of the person's entry into the state of Hypnosis are detailed.

Accompanying audio lectures: Lecture 11 - Sequence of Hypnoanalysis. Elaboration and examples. The spoken word brings more and more meaning to the written Course Notes; lecture by Neil French.

Module 11: Technical Difficulties and Dreams

  • Dream interpretation with examples.
  • The "wish fulfillment" theory of Dreams is touched upon.
  • The intervention of relatives into therapy and other problems likely to arise are explained.

Accompanying audio lectures: Lecture 12 - A demonstration of a 'Tree Shaker' - the first session. Lecture 13 - How to run an effective initial consultation; both Lectures are given by Rob Kelly.

Module 12 : Two Case Histories

  • Two cases which epitomise the preceding writing are written up as Case Reports. From start to finish - two real cases that you can follow through and see how hypnoanalysis removed the cause of their anxiety

Accompanying audio lectures: Lecture 14 - The nearly qualified student gets a final lecture from Neil French before tackling the examination.

Module 13 : How to Build a Successful Hypnotherapy Practice - Recently added!

  • This module is written by ex-student and now one of our most successful therapists: Richard Parsons FIAPH.
  • Richard was a graphic designer before he trained with us in 2003 - and he had received no prior training in hypnotherapy nor psychology whatsoever.
  • Within one year he was treating 20 clients a week. In this module he explains everything you need to do in order to build your own successful, full-time hypnotherapy practice.

Module 14 : Past Life Regression - Recently added!

  • The topic of Past Life regression is explored in more detail.
  • Explanations as to why Past Life Regression does not appear to have any genuine therapeutic benefit are given.

Liz Hogon MIAPH writes...

I had been in practice as a hypnotherapist for many years, before I undertook the Successful Hypnotherapy course and I have to say that it has completely changed not only the way I work but my outlook on life as well! The course is so well written and goes into so much more depth than the other training courses I have completed. Pure Hypnoanalysis, as taught by Rob Kelly, has got to be the easiest and most effective therapy there is.
In one word, 'amazing'!

Liz Hogon's web site


What is different about this course as opposed to any other?

1. The bulk of the studying can be undertaken in the comfort of your own home - saving you up to £5,000 on 'classroom costs'

2. This is the only course in the world that teaches an amazing powerful type of hypnotherapy called 'pure hypnoanalysis'... this therapy can help people to REALLY change their lives - instead of just 'plastering over the cracks'.

3. You can study this course at your own pace: study for 2 hours per week or 40 hours per week - it's up to you.

4. The IAPH offers more support, help and guidance to its Members than any other professional therapy organisation: you become part of a team. You are not sold a training course then left out in the cold! See our online support groups

5. With our Diploma, you can join just about any other hypnotherapy organisation the world over (subject to Membership criteria).

6. You become part of an elite group of Professional, Successful Therapists.

Greg Coyne MIAPH writes...

To anyone considering taking the plunge and undertaking the Successful Hypnotherapy Diploma Course I would just have three words of advice - DO IT NOW!

The whole experience I encountered has been a success from start to finish. From the time the Diploma Packs arrived on the doorstep to finally passing the examination, it's all been a fantastic journey. First impressions are always important and the Course Notes arrived well packaged and ready to go. The only problem being that once you start reading them and getting involved you literally don't want to put them down. The course notes are easy to read and superbly supplemented by the set of discs that accompany them. These discs are very important as you will find out when you come to complete your examination.

The beauty of the course is that it can be completed at your own pace. The other important point is that, should you have any questions or you don't quite understand something, you also have great back-up support in the form of the Student's Forum or even emailing Rob direct. There are also regular Courses being run which students are encouraged to attend and you will benefit greatly for going to these, not just for the superb content of the course but also meeting other members and students. You will also find that any question or concern posted on the Student's Forum gets an immediate response from a variety of members and students alike offering advice and guidance. You will ALWAYS get an answer!

You never have to feel alone working through this Course.

This course will make you think, stretch yourself mentally and, without doubt, improve YOU personally whether you decide to go into practice yourself or not. Superb Hypnotherapy Diploma Course, superb support during the course, which continues as well after taking the examination - Thanks Rob!

Greg Coyne Hypnotherapy in Bedford
View web site


The IAPH Research Project

For the last twelve months, the IAPH has been actively following up people whose lives have been changed by Pure Hypnoanalysis, to accurately gauge the efficacy of our therapy.

A detailed paper about the Research Project is now included in our Successful Hypnotherapy Diploma Course. We have included a copy of the Research Paper here as we feel that it backs up much of the teaching within the course. Prior to the Research Paper we have included a Guide to Understanding Research to enable you to better understand the different ways in which research can be conducted.

Click here to read about the IAPH Research Project


Frequently asked questions about The Successful Hypnotherapy Diploma course

Do I need any previous knowledge or experience?
No, the course is very thorough and covers all aspects of hypnosis, psychology and hypnotherapy. No previous experience or training is required.

What does the course comprise of?
The course is a combination of distance learning with help from tutors and practical hands-on courses and advanced seminars.

Can I sample the course without paying full fees?
Yes, you can pay for just a couple of modules to see what the quality of the course material is. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our current 'special offer' of the free DVD Training Course knowing that you have 14 days to make up your mind whether you want to keep the course or not: you can change your mind, for any reason at all, within 14 days of receiving the course and get a FULL REFUND

Are there any hidden costs with the course?
No. The course you receive is complete. You do not pay any more money to have your examination marked, to receive your Diploma, to receive support or guidance, to receive course updates (they are free and down-loadable) or anything else. There is a recommended reading list with the course - a list of five books which are all easily available from your local library - SHOULD you wish to buy these books instead of borrowing them, they will cost you less than £10 each.

Will the course be enough to equip me in a private practice?
Yes, the course provides detailed information on therapy and business. Many people who have studied now run very successful full-time practices. There are also regular seminars that provide extra training and help with your therapeutic skills and business.

Do I get any support or mentoring?
Yes. One of the main criteria (apart from the unique-ness of our course) that sets us apart from other training schools, is the huge amount of support and guidance given to students - both during and after they qualify. There are private online support groups, access to experienced tutors and the Council of Management, free regional meetings and get-togethers. Most students 'speak' on a daily basis to the course tutors - via the online support groups.

Can I take the course without setting up as a hypnotherapist?
Yes. Many people just study for personal insight and self-improvement.

Can I sample the course materials without paying the full fees?
Yes, you can pay for the modules in stages allowing you to 'test the water' so to speak. Please see course fees for details.

Does the course cover all aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy?
The course is very thorough - to the extent that the qualified student should then possess a greater knowledge of Hypnosis than the average Stage Hypnotist and a greater knowledge of character and behaviour formation than the average doctor.

Many different techniques of Hypnosis and behavior remedial therapies utilising Hypnosis are covered - the predominant one being the use of Analysis under Hypnosis.

Who can study, and do I need previous experience?
No special academic or other qualifications are necessary - just a genuine desire to learn and an interest in people.


Anne Costelloe, hypnotherapist writes...

Can I make a reasonable income in private practice?
Any student progressing into Private Practice in the UK ought to confidently expect an income of at least £30,000 p.a. from treating just eight to ten clients per week and obviously considerably more than that figure if he/she devotes themselves full-time. We believe that attracting clients is not generally a problem: because our therapy is so effective, the word can soon spread that there is successful hypnotherapist in town.

Is there any communication with tutors and practising therapists?
As soon as you are registered on the home-study part of the course, I will add you to our online support group where you can talk to other students and experienced therapists (most students use this facility on a daily basis) and I will also put you in touch with your nearest regional support group. You can also contact Rob Kelly, the course director, at any time.

What happens when I pass the final exam?
You will be proposed for Membership of the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts. You will also be given all possible advice and assistance in establishing a private practice - as well as any on-going support necessary. (The final examination is a written paper that you complete at home and send into the IAPH Head Office for marking).


Geraldine McCormick, Boston USA

I had trained as a hypnotherapist with another organisation but I felt I was left lacking and I had no conviction in what I did. I was taught merely to give people a plaster to put over their problems and symptoms - not to help them to resolve them. Since training with the IAPH, I can honestly say that my life has changed completely and I am helping others to change their lives completely: I would recommend the IAPH to anyone


Successful Hypnotherapy Course - Fees

All prices are in UK sterling.

There are 3 different usual methods of enrolling on this course and one amazing offer:

1) The course sent directly to you.....
Pay for the course in full and the entire course (on paper, in folders) the audio lectures (on CDs, and the video lectures (on DVDs) will be dispatched to you, first class recorded delivery, anywhere in the world.
Included FREE: the Easy Smoking Cessation DVD training course, telephone support, online support, access to the superb online support group, skype meetings, personal mentor and discount on all IAPH seminars and workshops.
Cost £1,495

2) Undertake the course online and save £200!
Pay for the course in full (at the reduced rate of £1,295) and have full access to the entire course (as described above) ONLINE, rather than sent via parcel service/courier. You study the course online and save yourself all the printing/postage/admin costs.
Cost £1,295

3) Undertake the course online - pay in instalments - and save £100.
Pay for the course in six monthly instalments and have online access to all the course materials (as described above) in six parts/sections. Payment of an instalment gets you access to the next part/section of the course.
Cost £1,395 (Pay £295 with your application, then five further payments of £220).
*This method of enrolling does NOT involve a credit agreement and you can withdraw from the course at any time, without buying further course modules.

Joint Study Fees
Where two people living at the same address wish to undertake joint study, the extra person can enrol on the course as well, for an additional one-off payment of only £235. Each applicant should submit a separate application form, together with one single rate fee (either £1,495 for delivered course, or £1,295 for online course) and the extra £235 as a 'one-off' payment for the second person. You cannot pay for the course via instalments when taking advantage of the joint study option: the course must be paid for in full. Each Student is separately assessed.

Non-UK addresses
The course can be mailed to any country of the world

Unsure of which method to choose? Then give us a call on Freephone 07971006747 and we will be happy to help.

Training with the IAPH is fun, interesting and very friendly. No other organisation offers the levels of support and friendly guidance that we do. When other professionals come to our advanced seminars, they are often amazed at the family atmosphere that exists. We believe that this type of atmosphere is essential in promoting safe, supported practitioners.

James Holmes DHyp Adv, MIAPH Acc, BEd writes...

I'd had a keen interest in psychology ever since my degree but it wasn't until I enrolled on the IAPH Hypnoanalysis course that I realised quite how amazing the human mind really was and how such a simple therapy could be so effective for treating so many conditions. From start to finish I found the course fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed the studying required because the course is so well laid out and builds upon existing knowledge gained. I never once felt I was out of my depth with any of the material presented. The reading list is also full of books that prepare you to work within the mesmerising (excuse the pun) world of Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis .

From the very beginning of the course there is wealth of experience to draw on. Experienced members were always willing to help plus regular regional meetings, online newsgroup and telephone support. A big plus for me as a student and indeed as a full-time therapist is that there is immediate contact and support from fellow IAPH members.

I would heartily recommend this course to anyone looking for a new career or indeed anyone wishing the gain insight into how the human mind works. It really will leave you viewing the world in a very different way.

James Holmes - DHyp Adv MIAPH Acc, BEd. Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre
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